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A niche subscription gaming platform that harnesses the power of video games to transform your mental health.



Your collection, your wellbeing

We believe that content subscription services are ripe for disruption. With massive corporations onboarding oceans of content, the average consumer is left drowning in its wake. It's time for a change. We also believe that the mental health industry is in need of therapeutic tools that meet their patients "where they already are." With serious affordability and accessibility issues in gaming - especially among our most marginalized populations -  there is a distinct need for a "ready at hand" solution that won't be a financial burden.


Positive impact wherever you are

KOZEE was born out of countless discussions with mental health professionals across the country. We heard how their patients already use video games to improve their mental health. These experts told us how they often already utilize video games in their practices. They also told us how the current solutions in this area are just not hitting the mark. We know we can do better and truly impact millions of lives for good.



Collect, connect and
play better

  • Dozens of games created or vetted by BetterPlay Studios to have positive therapeutic benefits for our players

  • New games added regularly. A variety of cozy style games in genres like: adventure, farming, lifesim, rpg, puzzle, platformers, and more. 

  • A variety of experiences ranging from "pick up and play" games for 3 minute breaks or fully immersive games you could play for hours.

  • Biometric integration and personalized recommendations based on data readings

  • A home base with a variety of customization, decoration, and cozy accessorizing options

  • A personal dashboard that tracks your mental health, helps you take hold of your wellbeing, and understand how to best use video games for therapeutic benefits

  • Ability to find and connect with mental health professionals


Real games, real benefits

Lovingly crafted by gamers and psychologists with a priority on play, but with therapeutic effects that will help you better understand your own mental health and the struggles of those around you. 


* Disclaimer: Games featured in mock ups are for examples and reference only. They do not represent any official dealings between BetterPlay Studios and the respective IP owners.

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