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KOZEE Game Spotlight #1 - Autumn's Bounty

As we gear up for the release of our MVP (minimal viable product) for our KOZEE mental health and gaming platform, we wanted to share a bit about the games you'll be able to play natively on our platform and give you a glimpse into the creators behind them. This is the first in a series of posts to get you excited about what KOZEE has in store for you!

At BetterPlay Studios, not only are we focused on mental health, but we are focused on supporting developers and studios that share our values and are making amazing content. One such developer is Jonah Lillioja and the team at Bumblebean Games.

The Creators Bumblebean was founded in 2022 in Chicago, Illinois and draws inspiration from the notions of communities and the importance of personal connections. Their goal is to help players embark on journeys of discovery and growth that not only entertain, but also inspire reflection, collaboration, and general stewardship of our world. Mental health is central to Jonah and his company's game development ethos. Bumblebean believes that games can play a pivotal role in processing emotions, easing mental strain, and imparting valuable strategies for coping with life's many complexities. Jonah has found that community has immensely helped his mental health and regularly draws inspiration from this as he creates games. For him, mental health and community go hand in hand.

The Game Autumn's Bounty is a beautifully simple game where your plans for a cozy Autumn potluck is destroyed by an act of nature that separates you from your friends. Players persevere through this difficulty to reconnect with their friends, learn the true value of community, and help the main character with their struggle with loneliness. Fans of games like Stardew Valley will appreciate the aesthetic and cozy gamers in general will love the chill gameplay full of loveable characters and memorable moments.

We're excited to show you the KOZEE version of this game and for you all to experience the warm, joyous game about the importance of human connection.


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