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KOZEE Game Spotlight #3 - Potions

As we continue to finalize the KOZEE MVP, we've been celebrating the many games and creators that are coming to our platform. Today we are celebrating the game Potions from Seattle's Stumbling Cat .

The Creators Studio Head and founder Renee Gittins founded Stumbling Cat to produce high quality indie games and to increase diversity in the industry. Mental health is incredibly important to her and the Stumbling Cat team. She has first-hand experiences with mental health struggles and knows how it can make everything, from lofty goals to day-to-day tasks, that much more difficult. She believes we all need resources, support, and comfort in life and hopes her games can provide just a bit of joy for her audiences.

The Game

Potions is a hotly anticipated adventure-crafting game that offers a rich, culturally diverse narrative that will be sure to warm the hearts of those who play. The game is set against a backdrop of fairy tales and folklore from around the world and requires creativity, problem-solving, and empathy. It's a game that hopes to inspire players, especially young women, to not only learn and explore the world - but to dream bigger. You can get more insight into the development process for this game by watching her "Making Potions" series on Youtube.


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