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KOZEE (double) Spotlight #6 - Cards of Heart and Pixel Zen

We are adding two exciting new games this week, so our new spotlight is a double feature! KOZEE members get to experience a mental health focused RPG called Cards of Heart and Pixel Zen, a bite-sized retro adventure game made especially for KOZEE.

Cards of Heart

The Creator

Cards of Heart is brought to us by Marielle Brady, a trained neuroscientist who is currently finishing a Masters in Interactive Media at USC. She was supported by over 30 USC students during the course of this project. Marielle had a similar experience to the founders of BetterPlay, when she first-hand experienced the power of video games to improve mental health.

The Game

Cards of Heart is a cozy fantasy RPG with a dynamic card battle system based on real-life therapeutic practices. Set in a quiet forest village full of memories, the game depicts the heartache and hope of a young woman's mental health struggles against her inner Shadows. Marielle hopes this game helps players feel more compassionate, understanding, and empowered on their own mental health journeys.

Pixel Zen

The Creator

Pixel Zen comes to us from Brazil's Ara Game Studio. José Magalhães, Studio Lead considers it an ethical responsibility to consider the impact his games have on player's lives. He believes mental health impacts the gaming experience and vice versa. Ara Game Studio is committed to making ethical games with a retro- inspired feel in order to help players feel their best.

The Game

Pixel Zen is the first game created especially for the KOZEE platform. Ara Game Studio created this bite-sized experience in just under two months! It is 100% focused on mental health. Everything from the music, to the puzzles, to the interactions were designed with wellbeing in mind. It's a cozy adventure game with large doses of exploration and puzzle solving.


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