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KOZEE Game Spotlight #2 - This Won't Make You Happy

The release of the MVP for KOZEE is getting nearer! As we put the finishing touches on it, we wanted to keep our community in the loop about some of the very cool games you can play directly on the platform. Games including "This Won't Make You Happy" by Serious Hats Only

which will have a KOZEE version upon launch.

The Creators Serious Hats Only is a comedy collective made up of ex- and current Onion + ClickHole writers who believe there were far too few genuinely funny games out there. Many of their collaborators are gamemakers in both AAA and indie studios. Their features have been showcased in Indiapocalypse and Super FESTival. Mike Gillis, one of the principal writers for the collective (and head writer for The Onion) believes that one of the most important aspects of mental health is how we create habits that can alter our behavior and outlook. He is an avid meditator and finds that games have similar abilities to "train people." The Game This Won't Make You Happy is a game in the lineage of the coziest game types of all: text-based adventure games. Expanding from that template, it explores the intersection of humor, mindfulness, and games to create a meditative atmosphere that expands its tendrils beyond the game-world and merges the lives of the player and creator themselves. It's funny, unpretentious, and a little deranged. And fun. Definitely fun.


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