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We are launching KOZEE on April 8th! As we get nearer to the big day, we are celebrating some of the great games coming to the platform. That includes Trenga from Brazil's Flux Studios.

The Creators

Flux Games has been around for over twelve years. They have been associated with some of the biggest intellectual properties in the world and are a leading game development studio is Latin America. They often find themselves working in tight projects with pressing deadlines. Because of this, anxiety and pressure is a day to day factor for them. However, they have learned to prioritize physical and mental health as an organization. Without doing this, they believe they cannot perform at their highest level. It was out of this tension that Trenga was created.

The Game

Who doesn't love Tetris? Who doesn't love Jenga? What if you combined them both into a relaxing game about that gets you into a "flow state" and helps you destress?

Well, you would have Trenga. It's a perfectly pleasant puzzle game with bright colors, a cheerful world, and "just one more turn" game play.


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