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KOZEE Spotlight #5 - Bug & Seek and Closer Than You Know

As we getting closer and closer to KOZEE's launch, we wanted profile more great games coming to the system. This time we have a double whammy of games from the dynamic husband and wife duo at So Peculiar.

The Creators

Chera and Craig founded So Peculiar in 2017 to pursue Chera's vision of creating family-friendly games that were actually fun. For them, mental health is the lens through which we all view the world. When that lens is not healthy and clear, it not only impacts our wellbeing, but the wellbeing of those around us. Problem is, like any lens, mental health is often invisible and easily overlooked in the scramble of life. That's why So Peculiar makes games that highlight the good things in life. They create a sense of wonder and discovery and leave the player feeling encouraged, refreshed and lighter than they did before.

The Games

This time, we have two games from So Peculiar featured on KOZEE. The first is Bug & Seek, a bug catching simulator with a ton of personality that has an adorable 8-bit graphic style. Build your collection of bugs and upgrade your skills while exploring the surrounding area and its secrets.

The second game is a demo of their upcoming game, Closer Than You Know, which is a gorgeous point-and-click adventure. Help Sam save her home planet - where hope has been outlawed.

Both games are infused with themes and mechanics that can help you renew a sense of wonder and hope, and encourage you in your mental health journey.




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