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KOZEE Spotlight #6 - Boots Quest DX

We are DAYS away from launching KOZEE(!) and we could not be more excited at our next game, Boots Quest DX. It's a hilarious take on the JRPG formula with an amazing soundtrack. We believe humor is essential to mental health and Boots Quest DX is just one of several that use humor for positive effect on the KOZEE platform.

The Creator

Harrison Lemke is an artist, musician (his music rips by the way CHECK IT OUT), and game developer. He is open about his struggles with anxiety and depression - so mental health is extremely important to him. Art in all its forms, including video games, provides him with catharsis amid the most overwhelming seasons of life. The Game

Boots Quest DX is a relaxing, humorous game with a rich story, fun puzzles, and wacky exploration. It contains no violence and very little in the way of reflex-based challenge. It was designed with the intention being accessible and fun for an audience of gamers and non-gamers alike.


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